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Top 10 Ranking Universities in Nigeria


Top 10 Ranking Universities in Nigeria

Everyone is trying to get admission in top universities, top universities have more importance and some jobs are provided to students based on universities. If the university is one of the top universities they may give him the job without seeing other things. As there are hundreds of universities in Nigeria but if it comes to top 10 that are ranking universities here you can get information. I am going to share some universities to prefer while you decide to study further and taking admission.

  • University of Ibadan:

The University of Ibadan is established in 1948. It has country rank on 1 and throughout the world 992. It offers various programs such as bachelor degree, master’s degree, doctorate degree. It gives admission on test result basis that is very selective for talented students who secure high marks in the test plus the result of the previous academic examination. International students are also eligible to get admission.

  • University of Nigeria:

The University of Nigeria has country ranking 2 and throughout the world is 1999. It also offers programs such as bachelors, masters, and doctorate. They give admission on entry test basis from 57 years. International students are also eligible to apply in this university. Both of them are co-educational institutes.

  • University of Lagos:

Country ranking 3 and throughout the world is 2119. Established in 1962 is a co educational institute with 5,000,000 inhabitants.  It offers the degree of bachelors, masters, and doctorate Moreover it also offers other facilities. They take the examination to select the students for enrollment from 55 years.


  • Obafemi Awolowo University:

Country rank 4 and through the world is 2180. It is established in 1962 which offers bachelors degree, masters and doctorate. Moreover, it also gives admission on test result basis from 55 years. It also provides other facilities for university student such as housing, library, sports facilities and others. All of the above universities are large sized.

  • Covenant University:

Country rank in 5 and throughout the world is 2584. It is founded in 2002 is a medium sized university which is affiliated with Christian-Pentecostal religion. It also conducts entrance exams from 14 years provide other facilities of library, housing etc.

6)    Ahmadu Bello University:

Country rank is 5 and 2804 throughout the world. It was founded in 1962 with enrollment range: 25,000-29,999 students. It is a co educational institute which offers different courses and programs. It also takes entrance exam for admission.

7)    Federal University of Technology, Minna:

Country rank is 7 and 3202 throughout the world is founded in 1982 with enrolment range 15000-19,999 students. It also offers educational degree like bachelor’s, masters and doctorate. This is a 35 years university which takes entrance test for selection students. This is of the Top 10 Ranking Universities in Nigeria

8)    University of Ilorin;

Country rank is 8 and 4020 throughout the world is a co educational institute which offers degree such as bachelor’s, masters and doctorate. Moreover, it provides other opportunities for studying courses and other activities. They have entrance test policy for selecting students. So the intelligent students get enrolled on result basis. It provides other online courses as well.

9)    University of Benin:

Country rank is 9 and throughout the world is 4309. It was established in 1970 which has several branches throughout Nigeria. It also offers higher degrees in bachelor’s, masters and doctorate. Students get enrolled on entrance test result base. It provides administrative services as well as housing and library for students.

10)                       University of Abuja:

This has country rank 10 and throughout the world is 4455. It offers courses such as diploma, certificates and others and degrees such as bachelor’s, Masters and doctorate. It has entrances test base selection record from the past. These were all the Top 10 Ranking Universities in Nigeria.

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