Investment of small amount of money can bring you millions back in returns if you think wisely where to invest and from which business can get you that money.  If you really want to be rich there is I don’t think so an issue in investing money in fact, it’s the best idea I would suggest everyone but before investing money you should first satisfy yourself and check out if you have interest in that business or not. It is important because if you have interest you have many chances to be successful in a very short period of time. Keeping this in mind and some from my experience I came to know that self-business is the best so I thought why not help other people to share Tips for 10 small investments and get millions back in Nigeria from now. Here I am going to suggest some business where you can invest money and get good results by making millions in one year.

  1. Poultry farms: This business is very profitable in Nigeria if someone is interested, Even people come from abroad in Nigeria just to start this business. Initially, if you take a start from 1,000 chicken will give the profit of around 30 million annually, is this not that much enough?? I think it’s very much better than that money which was not in use. Other than these you can invest in Cattle farming, rabbit Farming, and Goat farming as well.
  2. E-commerce: E-commerce is the easiest business online. You already have a list of customer you just have to convince them and change them into buyers.
  3. Mining: As there is an abundance of minerals in Nigeria like coal, Limestone, Iron ore etc. If you afford this and have a team you can take part in mining sector because you will make millions in this.
  4. Real Estate Development: In Nigeria demand of land, houses, shops etc is increasing day by day. You can invest in it but you also have to be patient in getting profit because it is little bit slow process as compared to other economic business. This business is you can say Evergreen because, after you, your children and grandchildren can get profit by continuing it. If you have money, not in use, Is it not the best option to make a small investment and get millions?? This is one of the best in the business of 10 small investment and get millions back in Nigeria
  5. Sewing: Get an expert in sewing clothes as it will give you much profit, all you need is just a sewing machine. You can sew uniforms, clothes and other stuff for home. When you get the experience you can start your own business whether in a shop or online.
  6. Construction sites: Construction of houses and buildings are in high demand in Nigeria even all over the developing countries and Nigeria Is one of them, everyone knows!! You can invest in the construction business and can good income.
  7. Day care Business: The daycare business is growing day by day as working parents are increasing. For them, it is difficult to look after their kid. They have to take him/her to daycare and give a handsome amount of money to the one who have to look after their baby. All you need is a room and stuff for babies.
  8. Net café: You can invest in this business for more profit as it needs the internet and 4-5 computers initially. When your business grows you can extend them. You will get money from a net cafe.
  9. Fast food business: If you have a little amount of money you can start a fast food business in a small shop, and then you can grow it by becoming successful. Surely it will grow in short period of time if you have taste in your food. People nowadays love fast food so you must have an experience of cooking.
  10. Game business: A lot of people especially kids love games. Once they are addicted and engaged to it, it seems like it is their job. So I would suggest that gaming business is also very good. You can sell game CDs online and much more. These all are about ‘’10 SMALL INVESTMENTS AND GET MILLIONS BACK N NIGERIA’’.

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