How to gain admission into Nigerian universities through jamb examination

Procedure to gaining admission in any Nigerian University

To get admission into Nigeria university can sometimes be frustrating as lots of candidate have lost hopes of ever gaining admission into the university and has so resorted to poor learning skills, with a believe that school is meant for some reserved persons.

The good news jambites really want to hear is that, a Nigerian university has offered them admission not regarding choice of course.  

Some students are willing to do anything in terms of gaining admitted into the university but only few within the rural area have keen knowledge on the process gaining admitted into the university.

Following these procedures based on educational priority, an undergraduate stands a chance of gaining admitted into the university this year.

Obtaining your O level result in one or two sitting

This includes crediting both English and mathematics which are major key subjects in secondary education. Also, you must credit all subjects that have to do with your course of interest.

For instance, if you really want to study computer science in the university then you must credit English language, mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Same applies to other courses like medicine and health science courses. Then, if you are Art inclined; ensure that you credit government and literature-in-English subject respectively including English and Mathematics.

It could be Waec, Neco, Gce, Waec Or Neco Gce, if you did not get your papers in one sitting, you can combine result but mind you, you can combine waec with waec of any year, neco with neco of any year, waec with waec gce of any year, or neco with neco gce of any year. You can’t combine waec and neco.

Get a pre-degree form

Pre-degree is an outer-skit of been in the university, it’s more advanced than a secondary because you will be exposed to knowing the terms of been an undergraduate in the university.

Some few lecturers are assigned to teach you in anticipation of you gaining admission into the university.

Pre-degree is a stepping stone into gaining admission in some Nigerian university.

If you do not want to sit at home and wait for jamb form to come out, you can go to any university of your choice and purchase their pre-degree form and begin pre-degree lectures.

The goal of this pre-degree is that, it gives us edge over jamb questions and how to tackle them, you will definitely have to write jamb for sure.

Enroll for jamb Lessons

Enroll for jamb lessons to gain more knowledge on how to answer past questions using the jamb computer based test application (Jamb CBT).

Enroll for lesson, in lesson centers. You get to see candidates like yourself and you will be motivated to study hard.

You will be well grouched in studies and be directed on how to answer jamb questions as well so as to score high.

Purchase jamb form

Declare your interest by purchasing a jamb form from any jamb recognized outlet within your location in Nigeria and avoid mistakes in the process of filling the forms online on jamb website

Study your past questions

Purchase most recent past questions and prepare intensively because most questions are always repeated in some years, to prepare you for the jamb examination. More so, partake in studying past questions, by so doing, you get acquainted to the way jamb set their questions.

Applying for admission without jambs

Interestingly, for seeking admission through jamb, here is another opportunity for you to gain admission. It’s called interim joint matriculation board (IJMB).

It is mostly practiced in Uyo and in some northern universities.

It is a course program that lasts for a period of nine (9) months and after the exam, if your grade point (G.P) is high, you will be offered admission straight to 200 level.

If you are interested about this program you can click here to apply and to gain more information about interim joint matriculation board (IJMB) programme.

Finally, when all these steps have been strictly adhered to, commit your effort to God’s hand and believe you me, to get admission into any university of your choice will become a piece of cake.


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