Understanding the Purpose of Emails | How to create an Email Address


What is E-mail?

This is a short form of saying electronic mail. E-mail is the electronic way of sending and receiving text messages. With the invention of this technology, one can easily send messages to hi s friends across the globe in a space of seconds and get replies in a shorter time.

This is the most widely used resource on the net. There are both free e-mail accounts and paid ones.  Here in this side of the world, people are only familiar with yahoo and Hotmail as the only companies that offer free mail services. Let it be known to you that there are many of them. You are going to see a list of some of them at the end of this book.

Advantages of E-mail

  1. Confidential: Since an e-mail account is locked with a password, it eliminates the chances of people reading one’s confidential letters.
  2. Less Cost: If you are connected to the internet, you do not need to pay extra money to send or receive mail. If you are using café, it is costs minimal amount to send a message across the globe when compared to the snail speed mail services of the Post Office.
  3. Bulk Transaction: You can send the same mail to as many people as you can by just a click and you will not be charged per message.
  4. Fast Transaction: It takes seconds to reach its destination in nay part of the world. There is nothing like international e-mail.
  5. Convenience: You can send or check your mail any time you want. There is no specific hours or days for sending or receiving e-mail messages.
  6. Multi-Purpose Oriented: Besides sending text messages, you can send video, audio and pictures messages.
  7. No boundary barriers: You can send and receive your messages from any part of the world in so far as you are connected to the internet.

Did I just hear you ask:  WHO CAN USE E-MAIL?

Answer: You, I, friends, families, schools, churches, organizations, businesses, governments, hospitals, politicians, hotels, the rich, the poor and even beggars. Let me stop here before I create a chapter for it. The important thing you should know is that there is no age limit for having an account. The only requirement is that you must know how to read and write. Even if you are unable to, just open it and somebody will do the management for you. This is a joke. The message is simple: It is for all. Let us go on, so that you can set up an account for yourself now, and that is you are ready.

Disadvantages of E-mail

All about e-mail, just as everything, is not good. There are barriers that limit the e-mail.

  1. Messages can only be sent to those who have e-mail addresses.
  2. No physical object can be sent through e-mail. Pictures and credentials can be sent by scanning them.

E-mail Terminologies

  1. Username: This is the name of the account owner, it is this name that is going to be given to friends whom you want to exchange mails with. Username is usually written in small letters. One can use real names, nicknames, initials, letters and numbers combined to form a username.

Examples are:



johnboscomadu@rocketmail.com  etc


This is refers to the key or code to your e-mail box. You can give people your username i.e your e-mail box (kenneth08@gmail.com) not your password. Your password must be not less than eight characters. It may be your phone number, your name or any combination you can make to give you eight characters.  People cannot access your e-mail box without your password except the highly technical criminals called hackers. They use special software to track a password. To avoid them, never you form a password that is related to your real names, year or birth, initials username or nicknames.

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