The Stanbic IBTC tweet that stormed social media

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Stanbic IBTC bank pulled a major publicity stunt on Twitter with one of their tweets. It was a social media marketing masterclass. The tweet which was advertising one of their banking innovations was crafted based on Jay-Z’s latest studio album. They obeyed the first rule of social media marketing; keep up with the trend. This is the tweet below:

the Stanbic IBTC tweet that stormed social media
the Stanbic IBTC tweet that stormed social media
  • “They obeyed the first rule of social media marketing; keep up with the trend”

  • The album 4:44 had a song on it titled legacy in which the legendary rapper said deep things about leaving a legacy behind for his daughter. Now, what Stanbic IBTC bank did was to key into that and promote their own banking scheme called ‘Legacee’. Legacee is an insurance scheme by Stanbic IBTC bank, a member Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc, which supports people for a seamless distribution of their assets to their cherished ones when they pass on. The bank has been pushing this campaign since April.
  • This tweet by Stanbic IBTC bank gathered the  highest amount of leads ever on the bank’s Twitter account. It is a big reference point of social media marketing strategy after amounting to 405 retweets and 179 likes and hundreds of comments on Twitter which were all more than triple of the average on thier previous tweets. In order to give you more insight into how to promote your brand or blog through social media, let’s take a look the points that made this move by Stanbic IBTC bank such a great one:


The timing of this tweet was the best part of it which makes timing an essential thing to consider in posting on social media to promote your brand. It was tweeted on 30th June , the very same day Jay-Z released the album. The timing was perfect because the release of 4:44 (which is the name of the album) was trending big time on Twitter and across social media. This opened the way for more leads on the bank’s twitter account. We all know that timing has a a massive impact in any venture at all. Why then wouldn’t it be play a big role in social media marketing. If Stanbic IBTC bank had tweeted that message at any other time other than when they did, it would not have had as much effect. This means that one would have to anticipate and plan the perfect time to match your concept and content.


Besides the timing, the concept of that Stanbic IBTC tweet was its second best selling point. The fact that the insurance scheme ‘Legacee’ matched the title of the Jay-Z song titled ‘Legacy’ was really nice. Wordplay is always very catchy for any ad or whatever  marketing tool. The fact that they also found a way of fusing hip hop with a corporate affair is a strategy that people will always find very appealing couple with the fact that Jay-Z is an icon for a lot of people. So, the entire concept of the tweet was ‘A+’ and it was obvious with number of leads they got from it. The whole idea of concept here refers to presentation.


For an efficient social media marketing strategy you should make sure that your concept is catchy and appealing right from the title. it is always beneficial to tailor such concepts in line with current trends because it always brings in more traffic or leads. You would have to take some time to study the trends and see how they could match your content. Craft your ideas well considering your target audience and which social platform you intend to use. The social platform always has an effect on how you deliver your message. On platforms like Instagram and Snapchat you would have to be more graphic, most likely with videos and very elaborate pictures. Gifs are always good for posts on twitter with very striking captions. All these bits and pieces culminate in delivering an enticing concept for your audience.



Now, for any message you would like to deliver at all even outside social media marketing, this is actually the most important bit. Your content is your power. This is what exactly you have to tell the audience. it precedes the other two; concept and timing. Stanbic IBTC had a brilliant concept and timing on that very tweet but the content was actually the backbone. The content of the tweet was based on an insurance scheme to help with wills and passing on of property. This is something that people will find very useful considering all the problems that people face with such matters today.

The 4:44 album tracklist

You could visit the Stanbic IBTC website for more information on the Legacee insurance scheme.

With a brilliant combination of content, concept and timing you deliver a social media ad that will completely wow your audience just like Stanbic IBTC bank did. Kudos to them for it. We could all draw some vital inspiration from it and apply it to our social media marketing strategy.


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