Make millions of money online from a blog: How Top Bloggers Like Linda Ikeji made their millions

There is two method from which you can make money one is you have to work online to be paid and the other is office work, means you have to go daily to an office to work and to get paid. Everyone has different thinking whether to it online and offline but my suggestion would be that online work is the easiest job and the best to do because if you get the success you can make millions a year. Now the question is how to be successful? And how to earn million a year? Well, here are some tips to make millions of money online from a blog.

  • Passion and interest:

The main thing is your passion. First, you have to think that in which field you are interested or have the passion for.  Here are some fields like designing, fashion, cooking, article writing, art and craft, musing or others. So you have to choose from them because interest is the main thing to be successful in the relevant field.

  • Create a blog:

Create a blog and start sharing your opinion. Make sure you know what your audience wants from you. This will make more traffic and make you successful. So understanding is a must thing. If you get more audience back to you can make a lot of money.

  • Monetization:

Monetize your blog. There are different ways to do so. You can do it by getting adverts from co-operating organizations, adverts from ad companies like Google Ad sense. If your website is related to a product you can sell it on your website.

How to create a blog to make money:

  • Blogging platform:

There are a lot of blogging platform o choose from such as WordPress, Blogger, and others but you should choose WordPress because million of people are using this platform which means it is the right one. It’s free for everyone and very easy to use and very safe and secure to go with to take a start.

  • Find a domain name:

Choose an interesting and catchy domain name because it is the main address of your website where people will search you again and again. You can get success or become failure depends on picking a domain name.  For example, the domain for Google is It cost you $10 annually. Pickup the domain name which is easy, memorable, Short, trustworthy.

  • Web Hosting;

This is similar to a home of your blog address. Without hosting the existence of domain isn’t possible.  It’s a backbone of a domain name. You can get web hosting between $2 – $5 every month.

You can get your domain name and web hosting from this website . I recommend it because its speed is high and very easy to use and best for beginners.

  • Set a blog on the selected domain name:

Go to and if you have already a domain name just write in the box ‘’ I already own this domain name” and then scroll down. 

  • Blog hosting plan:

‘’Shared Hosting’’ plan is better to choose. You can always make changes if you want advance changes later.

  • Complete your registration:

Find a name that is available and registers it by filling your contact and billing info.

  • Install WordPress:

Login to your Hostwinds control panel then click on ‘’get started with WordPress today” on the top. When done you will be transferred to Then you will see a screen where you will see ‘install’ or ‘import’ WordPress. You have to click on install

  • Check out new blogs:

Once you are done with installation process you will get an email including admin URL, just click on that. Now you are done with everything. You can get started and earn money.


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