Best websites to learn coding for free

Learning coding for students and others related to this field are very important. So it needs to learn coding from best resources which teach from beginning because there are many sources that do not teach basics so the one who is new to this field how can e understand the terms? That’s why after my full research I got many websites that not only offer courses free of cost but also do it in a better way that you can understand everything easily.

  • Codecademy:

It is the perfect site for beginners who are very serious about learning coding. They assigned you projects and quizzes that help the learner to get more experience. They offer many courses it’s up to you which one you want to start will advise you to take start with Make a website or learn HTML and CSS and then to the next level is JavaScript, SQL and others. They also provide other services like environment for discussion, programming language glossaries and blog post and articles to help you as you learn.

  • Free code camp:

From this site you will learn skills and making-real world projects for non-profitable organizations. This is a vast site for everyone that offers thousands of coding challenges, projects, certificates, connections for aspiring codes. It’s free of cost.

  • Code wars:

It offers a community in which you can discuss your problem while practicing ‘’Kata’’ challenges to boost your knowledge. Eventually you can make your own Kata and try others to solve them by giving challenges.

  • The Odin project:

It helps to make you successful in web development. It also offers other services like JavaScript and more. You will get a friendly environment which give chance to interact with other learners and discuss on your project. In this way you will get more knowledge.

  • Hacker rank:

From this site you can learn with fun as it give points on solving a problem. It’s like a game to solve, if you lose or win!! Here practice is the main thing, if you make practice you will learn more.

  • Code fights:

Its learning method is same as Hacker rank; you have to solve code challenges to develop skills. You will earn points by solving it. The first game is easy but when you progress the game get harder. After some time you can also compete in tournaments.

  • edX:

You will have to pay for its verified certificate which is $50-$90. It offers computer science courses and others. When you progress they features unique ‘’MicroMaster’’ programs which consist graduate level courses.

  • Upskill:

The site needs no previous experience to start with. It will teach you from beginner to advanced level. It will teach about projects with a kind-back conversational style. You will learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails, Git, and Bootstrap.

  • Khan Academy:

It is the biggest educational platform that offers math and other subjects. It also teaches music. You can learn intro to Js or HTML/CSS for beginners to the advanced levels.

  • MIT Open courseware:

It offers MIT for free. It also offers computer science courses. They are having school type system.

  • Coursera:

This site is similar to edX. Te courses are taught y professional professors. You will be taken quizzes and projects to make your skills more powerful. It’s free but you have to pay for a verified certificate.


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