Black Friday: Iphone X 80% off

Black Friday is considered the blessed day among all the days. We should call all the days with good names, why I am saying this is usually black is not considered good. BUT this black Friday has a history and logic behind its name. The black Friday, you will think is something bad happened on this day… Well, maybe you are thinking right or may be wrong.  On black Friday there is discount on everything, it may be 30 percent off or upto 70 and sometimes it become 90 percent between 11 to 12 pm midnight.

The black Friday has a lot of reason behind, some says it is because of the poor people or for those who can’t afford to complete their wishes, they can complete it on this black Friday. It happens on Friday of November every year.

Some claims that the name black Friday is given because once the economy of U.S due to financial crisis has decreases, on 24, Sep 1869. U.S gold market has loss their economy and their business had financial loss due to which they sell their products in a very low price to balance the economy. And the day got its name black Friday due to financial loss. Two citizens of U.S has tried to bought so much gold to drive the economy on its peak but still the name black Friday remained.

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