N-power N-Build verified Applicants Next step to Follow

N-power N-Build applicant who have been verified are advised to follow the under listed process in other to continue with the N-power scheme. Applicants are meant to visit or log on to the www.nbuild.npvn.ng

N-power N-build image

  1. Please log on to http://nbuild.npvn.ng
  2. Enter your phone number as the username (This phone number must be the phone number used during the N-power online registration.)
  3. Use the password sent to your SMS
  4. Enter your correct bank information
  5. Select your preferable N-Build component which includes
  6. Automobile
  7. Carpentry and joinery
  8. Electrical installation
  9. Painting and decoration
  10. Masonry
  11. Pluming and pipefitting
  12. Welding and fabrication
  13. Select your preferred training center

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