Donation is simply a gift given by physical or legal persons, to benefit a course or for charitable purposes. Donation can be in form of cash offering, rendering voluntary services, humanitarian aid items, material support and it can also relate to medical care needs, like blood donation and organ donation.

Key points:

  • Divine duty
  • Improving the world/healing the world
  • Economic boost
  • Gives your life meaning

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think helping someone else in need gives you a sense of satisfaction, importance and makes you feel relevant in the society. To some people, donation is a divine call, while others just donate because they feel it’s the right thing to do, either way donations go a long way in saving lots of lives around the world. In the society, there are people who are lagging behind the overall growth and development of the economy; this includes the poor, people with illness and disability and people suffering natural disasters.

These economic problems can be solved by donation, be it money, time, blood or organ donation. In advanced Countries like America, generosity is a long-standing tradition, in 2016 Americans gave $248.5b to charity, this amount is roughly equal to the national incomes of Norway or Indonesia. The most important source of this donation is unsurprisingly from private individuals, people like you and me, not the government. Whether it is small non-profit or a worldwide organization, donation is an integral part of any community. Donation changes the lives of people in need every day; with even the smallest of donation you can make a large impact in the community.


No matter how rich, popular, connected or influential you are, you will always need help from someone else at some point in life, so helping each other in the best way we can is key to creating a better world.

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