PayPal account in Nigeria: How to get U.S.A PayPal Account 100% Verified

Getting a PayPal account in Nigeria has lots of limitations and it does not permit Nigerians to send money as family and friends, so that’s why we have researched so hard and found and easy way of creating a PayPal account in Nigeria without been limited.

This information about creating a U.S PayPal is 100% Verified (if you live outside US) with some basic steps and tools you can create a new PayPal account in Nigeria. PayPal is one of the international means of receiving funds into any country and It makes it easy to send funds as family and friends without been charged as a business transaction.

How to get U.S.A PayPal account in Nigeria 100% Verified

  1. You will need to make Use Virtual Private Network Service (VPN) – The reason is to change your Nigerian location to a U.S.A location using IP Address.
  2. Before you visit the PayPal official website, be sure to confirm that your address is U.S using – To verify that your current location is on U.S IP Address.
  3. You will need some fake data, like U.S identity e.g. Name, Address, Zip codes, e.t.c. kindly visit the website to get all those information before proceeding;
  4. Now you will need a U.S Phone Number for verification and confirmation of sms been sent by PayPal- simply visit or use Nextplus android app on Bluestacks.
  5. For VCC Generation – Download: Bluestacks for PC & Install: WirexApp for Android).
  6. Open this url in your tab of your browser to register a PayPal account in Nigeria – Go to: | (Done!)

Important Advice for Creating a PayPal account in Nigeria

  1. You location is very important, so Always focus on your IP first and make sure it is in U.S and PayPal country is (?country.x=US) in the URL address bar, if not you will still get a Nigerian limited PayPal account.
  2. You must learn how not always login into your paypal account always, rather use your email address to know when you have received funds or about to be linked to a fund source, Be very careful when creating and login in to U.S PayPal Accounts because a very small mistake will make your account LIMITED or banned with all your funds.
  3. Always reply quickly to a customer who opens disputes. Every time your customer has a problem make sure you solve it fast or issue a refund.
  4. Try to use Premium VPN for security and covering your location footprints. As it provides more security (Highly Recommended).
  5. Whenever your U.S PayPal Account reaches $300-$500 create new one to avoid PayPal from LIMITING your Account for ID Verification.

Good luck and share with your friends, do not forget to comment here on our blog if you are having issuing creating that, we are always here to help you create a PayPal account in Nigeria

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