Wichita State University Admission for online Professional Classes

Wichita State University is currently offering Online, Professional Classes called “Badges” in many areas:Engineering, Business, Professional Writing, Social Media and More. 

Enrolling in a badge class with Wichita State University, USA has several advantages:Everybody will be awarded a scholarship to take one badge class. No Tution FEE for those who enroll before September 15, 2018.
Apply for these special classes for your own personal development. Completely online. Work at your own pace.No TOEFL or IELTS requirement.No other special requirements.To enroll in an online badge class, do any of the following before SEPTEMBER 15TH, 2018:
A. Visit any of our OfficesB. Call 08184985733C. Email ngozio@agonplace.net orD. WhatsApp only 08037051298
PLEASE NOTE: To get a full scholarship, Complete our application form BEFORE SEPTEMBER 15. This deadline cannot be extended.That’s it! We will take care of the rest! Wichita State University USA will admit you as a non-degree guest student and enroll you in the badge class. We will then send you information on how to access your free online class, get access to your Wichita State email address and more.

Note: This special scholarship is not available for Composite Manufacturing and Advanced MatLab classes
1. Care of Populations: Public Health 

2. Care of Populations: Leadership 
3. Care of Populations: Financial Planning 
4. Care of Populations: Community 
5. Care of Populations: Culture 
6. Care of Populations: Policy

7. Anatomy and Physiology of Lactation;

8. ASL Specialized Interpreting: Introduction to Healthcare Interpreting 
9. Creative Interventions: Professionalism in Practice 
10. Creative Interventions: Trauma Informed Care 
11. Professional Writing Series: Crafting Your Resume and Cover Letter 
12. Professional Writing Series: Professional Correspondence, Emails and Memos 
13. Engineering Graphic Series: Orthographic Multiview Projections 
14. Engineering Graphics Series: Parts 
15. Engineering Graphics Series: Assembly 
16. Engineering Graphics Series: Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing 
17. International Phonetic Alphabet: Overview 
18. ASL in Health Care Settings: Medical Terminology 
19. Creative Interventions: Mindfulness in Practice 
20. Professional Writing Series: Writing for Social Media 
21. Professional Writing Series: Researching Grants that Apply to You 
22. International Phonetic Alphabet – German 

23. International Phonetic Alphabet – Italian
24. Library Research: Introduction 
25. Library Research: Resource Use, Citations & Plagiarism 
26. Creative Interventions: Biofeedback in the Helping Professions 
27. Composite Manufacturing Technology Safety Awareness Badge 1 
28. Composite Manufacturing Technology Safety Awareness Badge 2 
29. Composite Manufacturing Technology Safety Awareness Badge 3 
30. Composite Manufacturing Technology Safety Awareness Badge 4 
31. Human Resource Management: Designing Jobs 
32. Human Resource Management: Effective Employee Recruitment 
33. Human Resource Management: Selecting the Right Employees 
34. Human Resource Management: Managing Employee Performance 
35. Human Resource Management: Mentoring Employees 
36. Advanced MatLab 
37. Global Business: Globalization and Its Implications 
38. Global Business: Managing Across Cultures 

39. School Health: Health Disparities, Child Development and Nutritional Needs of School – Aged        Children;
40. Professional Writing Series: Presenting Online
41. CMfgT/CSET: Hands-On Lab 
42. Creative Interventions: Creative Process in Practice 
43. Professional Writing Series: Editing Social Media 

44. Computer Programming: Linear Systems for Engineers

45.  Computer Programming: Computer Programming for Engineers

46. Computer Programming: Numerical Analysis for Engineers

47. Computer Programming: Root Finding for Engineers

48. Computer Programming: Numerical Differential Equations for Engineers

49. Beginning Jazz Improvisation: Introduction to Jazz Theory

50. Beginning Jazz Improvisation: Improvising Using Modes

51. Medical Terminology: Introduction to Medical Terminology

52. Intro to Criminal Justice: Courts

53: Medical Terminology: Bones, Muscles and Skin

54. WSU 101: College 101

55. WSU 101: College Level Academic Success

56. WSU 101: Degree Planning and Career Development

57. WSU 101: Financial Wellness

58. Computer Programming: Optimization for Engineers

60. Library Research: Plagiarism and MLA Citations

61. Library Research: Plagiarism and APA Citations

62. Accessibility in Higher Education: Accessibility, Accommodations and UDL

63. Accessibility in Higher Education: Accessibility’s Legal Landscape

64. Skeletal Muscle as an Endocrine Organ: Practical Blood Flow Restriction Applications



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