3 Reasons Digital agencies still use email Marketing

Many digital agencies turned from other marketing sites to email marketing so there must be a reason behind this. The reason why the trend of email marketing is on its peak is it always it delivers big results, can manage big events and can drive people’s attention easily. It is one of the powerful marketing tools for many organizations. If the organization is non-profit, a government agency that release new projects or if it is a business wants to promote its products for selling. Email marketing is the one which can focus on your target to reach. Email marketing is getting its fame as it is very easy, fast and quick to take start with minimal cost. You can keep your costumers updated by sending emails on daily basis. It will connect with your target market. If they like the product they will buy it and can easily refer friends and relatives. Email marketing is still the tool on the top for business communication that is used on daily basis. 3 reasons why Digital agencies still use email Marketing.

  • Promotional tool in reasonable price:

This is the best way to promote your business via email marketing. It’s an attractive way to drive attention of new costumers with minimal costs. If you use email marketing for your business you can keep prospects who are interested to shop from you store. You can keep them updated of new products. Your costumers will have trust on you. The most popular form of email is email newsletter or ezine that provide daily emails, advertising and much more. With saving money you are also indirectly saving some trees from cutting them off!! If you want to promote your product by printing you will need a paper, envelopes and other things for it which is very slow process. So why not use email marketing. Many email marketing software companies offer very reasonable prices for an automated email marketing platform. Organization that has 500,000 email subscribers can buy online email marketing service for a penny per subscriber.

  • Focusing a specific target:

Personalized is the perfect email marketing campaign. If an event is arranged by the organizers at a specific location it is possible to send an email to the person near to that event and not irrelevant messages to anyone. Sending the mail to specific person increase open rates and click via rates and the receipt gets more interested in open the email next time because he/she knows it won’t be irrelevant.

  • For Market Research:

Email Marketing I use for the purpose of promoting new products to customers by organizations. Sender gets to know the costumer interest by open rates and click. Obviously the costumer when open the mail shows his interest. Sender check pricing by sending emails. They can get information about effective messaging by testing subject lines. He can get more information related to this. These are the 3 reasons why Digital agencies still use email Marketing.

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