50% scholarship for Nigerian students to study abroad:

There are many scholarships for Nigerian students to study abroad. Some of them are need based others are academic based which are sponsored by educational institutes or may be government or a non-government organization or a single person. Here I will discuss those scholarships that have tuition cost more affordable for Nigerians students in abroad.

Requirements for these scholarships are different; you will have to pass GMAT, GRE, SAT etc. The test depends on course they offer and country. Below are affordable scholarships for Nigerian students to study abroad.

Undergraduate Scholarships in Cyprus:

The University of Nicosia offers the scholarship for graduates student as well as undergraduate students which are further divided on merit based on academic performance, on sports basis or other curricular activities. This is an affordable scholarship for Nigerian students to study abroad.

Academic Merit scholarship:

  • This scholarship is for those students who are studying at the university as a regular student.
  • The student gets 50% scholarship if he has CGPA 4.00, 20% on 3.75-3.99 and 10% on 3.50-3.74.
  • This scholarship is awarded according to the student’s performance at the university.

Athletics based scholarships:

  • This is the best opportunity for those students who are actively involved in sports at the university to get 40% scholarship of their tuition fees. The amount is based on the student’s participation in sports.

 Lagos state scholarship Board:

  • Lagos state scholarship is offering partial scholarships for graduates and undergraduates student of Nigeria.
  • The Lagos state scholarship board is the state governments’ organ which is responsible for educational matters and others which provide affordable scholarships for Nigerian students to study abroad.

For Undergraduates:

  • The requirement is the student has a good level of written and spoken English.
  • Minimum age is 16 years maximum is 24.
  • Applicants with a level qualification. Ordinary national diploma or higher national diploma above 24 years but below 28 years may be considered.
  • English Language and Mathematics with minimum credit C.

For Post graduates:

  • Undergraduate studies passed with a minimum of the second division.
  • Maximum age for all Masters students are 35 and for Ph.D. is 40 years.
  • All Ph.D. applicants are required to submit their research work.

College admission requirement:

  • There is no test required.
  • The applicant is required to have good written and spoken English.

Petroleum Technology Development funds:

  • Scholarship award for Nigerian graduates to travel overseas to study post graduate courses in Oil, gas and solid minerals industry.

NNPC/ESSO International Postgraduate Scholarship Awards:

  • This scholarship is for those who are Nigerian graduates and want to continue post graduate in the field of Geosciences and engineering. This is one of the affordable scholarships for Nigerian students to study abroad.

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