How To Delete Facebook Group Without Losing Your Facebook Account

Delete Facebook Group… Are you simply tired of all your facebook group, you wish not to own them anymore. Then this post is just for you on how to delete facebook group on facebook. Do you know it’s very easy and simple to delete any Facebook Group. Today, I will be teaching you the simply steps to follow to delete your facebookThe reason why people create Facebook group is to bring together users of common ethics together, to interact and share like minds online on Facebook. Facebook groups are free and it has so many categories when creating new groups on Facebook. These categories might include religious, marketing group, fashion, educational etc.

To delete any facebook group, you will need to follow this simple steps below….

Facebook Group-How to Delete Facebook Group

Every user on Facebook is left with their opinion on the groups they join and may also want to leave the group for reasons best known to them. Now, let’s talk about How to Delete Facebook Group which is our case study for today. The following steps should be observed on How to Delete Facebook Group.

  • Locate the group you want to delete on your Facebook page
  • Tap on ‘Members’ at the left of your page
  • Then tap next to every member’s name
  • Choose ‘Remove from Group’
  • Finally, tap on ‘Leave Group’.

Delete Facebook-How to Delete Group Conversations On Facebook

To properly delete all about a group, you may want to clear all interactions on that particular group. You need to know how this is done on Facebook just in case the need arises. Note, if you are not the group admin, it is impossible to delete conversations on a Facebook group except you are the admin and to do this follow these step;

  • First of all, go to your group chat conversation tab
  • Secondly, to the ‘Action drop down’
  • Also click ‘Delete Messages’
  • click the messages you wish to delete
  • Finally, click ‘Delete’

Hope this was helpful, thanks for  your time…

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