How to grow your e-mail list using content upgrades

As a blogger, one should be aware of using content upgrades to explode the email list. Building a mob of followers from scratch is a heavy task. Having a community of one’s own with people who share similar minds is everything a blogger ever dreams of.

Traditionally, to attract a great deal of traffic, bloggers would use the click bait method, or a lead magnet or a freebie to incentivize their list of followers. Lead Magnets are highly effective and generate subscribers within the blink of an eye. But, there are many more ways one could use to grow their list with a boom, the more targeted approach.

Upgrading one’s content is a method by which one could literally explode their email list with subscribers and it can triple the conversions overnight.

One might ask, as to what content upgrades essentially are. When a blogger gives a targeted opt-in freebie or a perfect incentive to satisfy the cravings of his followers, this is called a content upgrade, giving your audience what it really wants to read. Content upgrades are so effective only because the subscriber is intrigued to know more about the freebie or how to obtain it. Similarly, this will attract more audience towards the post. For instance, consider a random visitor who visits a bloggers fashion and lifestyle blog page and explores your freebie or your lead magnet, that is, how to revamp the closet in a week. This visitor finds this lead magnet fascinating and here, you have one more subscriber to you. By providing content upgrades on blog posts, one can effectively target the audience and react to the penury of success within no time.

  • A content upgrade, as its title says, upgrades to quality of your content. It adds value to your posts and in turn helps your subscribers in many ways by providing tips and tricks life’s process.
  • A Content Upgrade makes your posts more readable and subscriber friendly. Sometimes, people do not wish to take in the effort of reading a long and heavy post, all one needs is a summary to get the gist of the whole blog. Hence, a blogger needs to provide a fully well prepared meal for their subscribers to chew on.

This is essentially what a blogger needs to do in order to increase the quality of his blogs and attract growth of email lists.

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