How To Make A $100 A Day From Home

Drop shipping, cryptocurrency, e-commerce and Amazon and Shopify and day trading in real estate can you actually make a hundred bucks a day doing those things, the answer is absolutely you could but there’s one big fucking problem all these things it takes money to get it going how do you get going when you’ve got no money or no budget.

what do you do I want you to think about it if you are selling something on Amazon, well guess what we’re going buy those fucking products well you buy from China or you buy from Aliexpress guess what it costs money to build that website the e-commerce website guess what it costs money to start what about that Shopify.

What about the software to maintain the site guess what it costs money to do it, what about driving traffic to your website guess what it costs money to do it or what about investing in cryptocurrency guess what it costs money to do that as well. trading it cost money to be doing day trading as well so there are so many things that you could do yes.

you could make money doing those things the problem is you’re not doing them in the right order I always tell all my students you want to take care of your cash flow needs today before we worry about getting rich. you’ve got to get money coming in today make that first 50 $100 $200 a day get it going then once you’ve got enough income coming in once you develop that high-income skill now defines high-income skill as a skill they can make you ten thousand dollars or more per month.

once you do that then if you want you could pursue all these other ventures and you can then tap into you and try and test on some of these vehicles business but first you need to have that skill, set so everybody is chasing the next thing the next big thing the next shiny object when what idea what my students do is we are using the oldest ways to make money.

see most people they’re looking at it yet they’re stepping over dollars to pick up times,  I’m talking about the good old telephone that’s right the good old phone simple tool to make hundred dollars a day. let me share my business model with you my formula with you, the very same formula that I teach all my students across the world the high ticket closing methodology he’s how is gonna work imagine this there are companies out there nowadays.

it costs more than ever to acquire customers so most companies you notice there’s advertising is costing more money than ever because it’s more competitive than ever in the marketplace.

so a lot of companies when they are selling any kind of product most product under $200 most of time those, I want to call the initial product that they are using those products in the marketplace companies entrepreneurs they’re selling these products hopefully to develop a shin ship with a customer is to brick the wallet and just start their relationship start the conversation all the money is made after that two hundred dollars is spent when they realize.

you know what once my customer trusts our brand trust our company now we can follow up with them and offer them out the products and services that are at the 2,000 3,000 5,000 10,000 20,000 25,000 or more that’s where the money it’s made he’s the problem those offers.

I refer them as high ticket offers 5,000 10,000 25,000 50,000 dollars those cells they need to be closed on their phone very rarely people buy something at that kind of price point looking at a video or just looking at a website they need to have that one-on-one conversation so what does that have to do with you that’s where you come in imagine this let’s say you are closing for a company or you’re closing for an entrepreneur let’s say their offer is $1,000 and if you’re good closer you’ll have good closing skill they are willing to pay you $100 which is 10% of the cell 10% commission that’s $100

so I want you to think about it if you’re closing some of these packages some of these products and services 1000 bucks you make $100 and sale that’s $100 a day all you need to do is what to make one single sale a day that’s it one single sale a day you get your hundred bucks what is your cost zero how many websites you have to bill zero

how many products either by zero why because you’re not selling your own products you’re not selling your own offers you’re selling other people’s offers the company the influencer the entrepreneur they are doing all the marketing they’re do you want to lead generation they’re driving on a traffic they are building a funnel they’re creating content they’re writing a blog they’re creating videos they’re doing their press release they’re doing 90% of the work but yet they don’t make the money until someone like you and me get on the phone and close those high ticket sales this is one of those very rare skills that you can make your hundred dollars a day with no expense and no over here now you may be thinking well then are you talking about being like a annoying telemarketer you don’t mean after cold call people there’s nothing I have to do a lot of prospecting oh my god like I can’t do that I’m a shy person

I’m not very talkative it’s not about none of that shit I am talking about talking to people who have put up their hand I’m talking about talking to prospects you have gone through a series of steps who have fill in an application form and then put the time to speak with you as a high-ticket closer and then you close those sales that’s what I teach 0ko calling has nothing to do with building a website you don’t have to do anything online and you don’t have a Coke or a single person that’s the power of high ticket closing now if you’re thinking well I don’t know if sales is for me or if I’m not I don’t know

if I’m a salesperson snob of being a salesperson if you have not watched my other videos I say you go click here and watch my other videos or you go to youtube and type in dialog sales or lock closing you see some of the things that I do what high-ticket closing sun slice and look like I can promise you is very different from traditional sales because who else wants to get the telephone to slam on the face every damn day I don’t do that

who wants to do that right who wants to get rejected all at the time that’s not going to make a living that’s definitely not the way I want to make a living if you want a proven business model you want a no-bullshit way to make a hundred dollars a day I’m doing a brand new training a two-hour masterclass I want to invite you to click on the link below and join me I’m gonna walk you through four secrets that have helped my students to make $1,000 $500 $200 or as little as $100 a day so click a link below and I will see you in class

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