How to Make Money Online – The 3 Legit Ways to Make Money Online

Making money online is an actually simpler way than you think, there are many people telling you, there is something you can do, you should start this kind of business or e-commerce or drop shipping or Shoplift, selling digital product, membership and whatever it is that you sell online. I got started when Yahoo was popular before even Google is popular.

I was running ads on bulletin boards okay. I don’t even know what overture is, it’s like the first pay-per-click search engine on the internet like now, and I feel like a dinosaur. I’ve been marketing it online for many years ago and more than that I have you see people who come and go they market online and the kindly leave the online world.

They try to do something else, right but I’m one of the very few people that have stayed all these years marketing online and also now utilizing Social media. I want to help you to be able to understand how the online model works. It doesn’t matter what you sell when it comes to making money on the internet and when it comes to making money online, there are three elements and three things that you must master in order to make money online;


what is it that you’re selling, are you selling a physical product, are you selling something a low ticket item, a high ticket item or you have one particular offer or you have multiple offers like a line of products but you need some kind of offer you’re selling supplement you are selling, Ebook you’re selling, membership doesn’t matter how can you make an irresistible compelling offer or something that people want to buy they’re willing to buy and there’s big enough volume out there people searching into a keyword, research even through Google people they people actively searching for this particular item or this particular problem they want a solution that they are willing to spend money.


So how you going to get traffic, maybe you will launch an affiliate program there are other people promote your product, maybe you will run ads Facebook, Instagram social media right.

YouTube maybe use content marketing, to get people or maybe use LinkedIn maybe you could use something like a banner ads maybe you would use articles you could go on and on and on there are so many ways you can drive traffic to your particular offer.


For some people, it could be a sales page, for some people it could be avulse. what I call a video sales letter you’ve seen those before a video sales, letter with a video talking about the product explaining the product with a get to Cart button below so they can click and buy maybe your conversion mechanism.

It’s a funnel maybe it is a webinar, maybe it is booking a time with one of your closers and the closures would close. I’m on telephone maybe the conversion mechanism, it’s to come to visit you in the office, maybe your conversion mechanism is to go to your event, write whatever it is or maybe it is to schedule a demonstration, whatever it is that’s your conversion mechanism.

so you have your offer which hopefully is irresistible, that people want to buy if you don’t have that, you’re not going to make money doesn’t matter if how much you like the product, how much passion you have about the product.

Do people actually want and are willingly able to buy your product, you have the offer and then you have traffic and then you have a conversion that is it, those are the only three things that you need it doesn’t matter how you see it, doesn’t matter how you slice and dice it.

I don’t care if its e-commerce, I don’t care about Shopify. So what happens is assuming you have those three things, you get it going if you’re not making money online. You’re not making money online and what are you getting traffic to know how many people visiting your website. Find out what you need to do or I will look at your offer and you say well Dan I’ve got only one offer and it’s a product and it’s a hundred dollar product.

I said that’s cool nothing wrong with that problem is for the hundred dollar product you can only afford to spend so much to drive traffic, let’s say it cost you they say pay-per-click X amount of dollars for every single cell that you make. it costs you ninety-five dollars right and your cost of the goods is twenty bucks well then every sudden you make you’re losing money so you can’t have many ways you can test many ways to drive traffic to your offer that’s why you lose money oh that’s why you don’t make enough money versus if you’re something that yourself or maybe a higher dollar value higher ticket now.

So instead of a two percent conversion, you now have a five percent conversion rate, that’s how you make more money because now you just double triple your earning with the same amount of traffic. So you look at what you do in terms of making money online doesn’t matter over the years.

I could tell you now marketing online for so many years the platform might change the ways to drive traffic might change back then we don’t have women in our technology right we don’t have a lot of these techniques that you have available right now at your fingertips but I can tell you that principles are the same.

How can I make my offer more compelling, how can I make it more irresistible, how can I use different ways to drive traffic before you don’t have Instagram with use different things now against the gram you have different things yes, use those to drive traffic get those eyeballs on your offer and then constantly working on the conversion part.

How could I sell more effectively, how can I claim I value more effectively, how can I communicate our vision of the value for a product, a program more effectively that’s it. Those three things you’re not making money one of these those three things you got to work on if you’re making money is one of those three things, you want to improve. So you can make more money so those are the three and the only three-digit ways to make more money online.

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