How Nigerian Students Can Survive During Nationwide Strike

Thinking about surviving through the nationwide strike condition? Well, that’s becoming a quite common question these days because the UTME situation is getting the peak on the high mode in almost all the Nigerian universities. It is happy news to announce that the minister of education has lifted the ban on post-UTME.  This might be rather because of the fact that there are many students who have thought about taking admission in the best Universities in the Nigeria all the way through the means of the post-UTME screening.

Talking about post UTME, we would say that this screening test is giving out the level playing ground to almost all the university students. But since the lifting up of the ban has been undertaken on top of this screening test, this has surely disturbed so many of the students. For some of the Nigerian students, this screening test is rather intricate and is much complicated to pass through. Therefore, many of the associations are coming over in the mood of the nationwide strike against the UTME screening test. What’s the purpose of this strike? Well, probably no one knows the actual purpose and its outcomes, but for sure this strike is bringing upon a huge impact on the lives of the students definitely.  During the whole course of the strike, the students lay around here and there as doing nothing. Laziness is at its peak time.

When the situation of the nationwide strike mode is being carried out, students can better save their precious time all through the start up of new business. They can think about attending the educational seminars with some developmental programs so that they won’t be totally getting away from their educational field work.

Saving yourself during the nationwide strike is not a hard task at all. You just need to know the fact that when any strike is being done on useless modes, then besides wasting precious time, it would be advisable to devote into something really achievable.

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