NNU INCOME: Invest #1,600 and earn above #5,000 monthly today

NNU INCOME is a new platform for making money in Nigeria and it’s very simple to use. It requires an initial life time invest of #1,600 to participate on the platform and start earning daily, when you login into your dashboard and share sponsored post to your Facebook timeline.

This platform has been in existence since last year and it was a project owned my Paul Samson who is equally the founder of NNU INCOME and COOLNARIA.


The  platform was designed to encourage  and pay internet users who access the internet daily to read post from different websites and write meaningful comments on most blog posts without been paid. When this program was launched most people saw it as a scam but if you search the internet you will find out that many internet users have benefited from NNU INCOME.

NNU INCOME pay users for just logging into your dashboard daily, sharing of post on your facebook timeline, writing comments on each post you read and also pay you for bring your friends or family to join the platform.  Each registered members earns about #50 for logging and another #50 naira for sharing a Facebook post.  You send just 30 seconds online and make #100, let’s say you decide to also read at least 50 posts in a day on the platform and write a comment on each post, you will also make another extra #50 naira for that because each comment is paid for #1 naira.

If our calculations are right, you will be earning 150 daily, so 150 * 31 days in a month= #4650 naira in one month. Okay, the platform says you must at least refer a minimum of 2 friends or family to participate to earn extra #2,000.  You will find out from our calculation that every month you will earn #5,000 for all the activities you have carried out.

WHY #5,000 INSTEAD OF #6,000: NNU INCOME has been spread to reach to every contributor on the platform, so to earn more you might likely need to invite more friends to join through your unique referral code.


You will need the follow listed information before registering on the platform;

  • Valid email address
  • Working bank account
  • Phone number and address

Follow this simple steps to register and avoid mistakes because I will outline each steps, you must use the link I provide to avoid mistakes or you lose your money online to another user without been registered.

  • Purchase a NNU INCOME PACK by clicking

    “Register Now” seen the screenshot below on what to do next, you will need the fill the form seen on the screenshot below and proceed to payment either through direct bank payment using teller or using an online internet payment through vogue pay using your ATM card.

  • After registering by filling the form, the website allows you to choose a method of payment either through bank payment or internet payment using your ATM Card; if successful you will be directed to the support page where you will be required to confirm the payment you made, also check your email to retrieve your order number.
  • Wait for 24 hours for the admin to confirm your payment and approve your account, even though your earning for logging has be credited automatically into your NARS Earning as a new member.

Things you will find on your Dashboard as a new Member;

Marketing:  This is the place where you will your unique referral code used for referring and registering new users (friends or family)

Payment Method: This is where you indicate your bank account information for receiving your monthly payment

Sponsored Post: This is where you will find post that you will share on your Facebook Timeline

In order to get paid monthly, you must comply with all the stated rules on NNU website to avoid not been paid. How to withdraw into you Nigerian bank account



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