Soon the ATM which is used for transaction and withdraw of money will be ended and Electronic Banking kiosks will be launched. It’s good news for you not to wait for long in lines to withdraw money.  It will be introduced by JPMorgan Chase’s consumer division, Chase Bank. They are an advanced tablet like a version of ubiquitous cash-belching machines which are ATMS, means they are modified ATMs. You can withdraw $10 and $20 at a time. The other quality is it can cash your cheque and the exact change. Biometric scanning is also done by identifying the customer by their palm prints. It will become more advances that will sync to an app on your phone and get permitted to withdraw money remotely. Currently, the company has generated 1000 Electronic Banking kiosks in the US and plans to add more 600.


Well, Electronic Banking is at the early stage in Nigeria. However, it has become an important practice among commercial banks in Nigeria. It has improved the service for customers. Electronic Banking has resulted in new delivery channels for banks in Nigeria like ATMs, mobile banking, and online banking.

Today banks are facing a competitive environment. To get the success they must do something to meet the requirement. For this, they have to produce a variety of product of technology.  Currently, they are working on electronic banking to provide fastest and fast technology. Customers can use electronic banking very effectively. It is the biggest platform one can easily get his money through the internet. People can use these banking services through a personal computer, personal digital assistant, automated teller machine, the point of sales, kiosk and mobile banking.


Nigerian banks have invested a huge amount for the development telecommunication and electronic banking.  Electronic banking has provided many benefits to Nigerians as it avail. NO MORE WAITING IN LINES TO WITHDRAW MONEY THROUGH ATMS: ELECTRONIC BANKING KIOSKS (EBKS) IS ON ITS WAY WHICH WILL PROVIDE:

·        Better banking and better responsiveness to the market

·        Leaders in technology implementation

·        Provide Better brand image

·        It has Maximize profit

·        It helps in Timesaving

·        Reduced cost

·        Very easy to use

·        Convenient way to withdraw money

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