Agriculture is the future of Nigeria and the most profitable business in Nigeria is agribusiness these days. As third world countries as they need to feed more as compared to developed countries. And it is the fact that no one can survive without food. It has got the 2nd rank after petroleum and IT telecoms. The Nigerian economy will depend on agribusiness as this is a very important thing.  After researches it is concluded that half of the African population are farmers so it plays vital role in Nigeria. This means Africa has more farmers than other countries.  They produce staple food crop which are cassava, yams, corn, coco-yams, cow peas etc and different vegetables and fruits. I will share some ideas that will boost your business.

  • Use drone service is the best idea which is also use in film and video making. You can use it for spraying insecticides and pesticides’ and you can recognize the small insects and fungus.


  • Use analytics software to make accurate decisions after analyzing a lot of variables like rainfall conditions, underground water concentration, temperature, harvest yields, commodity prices etc. An analytics software or app that can ease decision making and present data variables in an easy-to-understand format for farming would be of great help to farmers because modern farmers now see data as an integral part of farming. As Agribusiness is one of the most Profitable business in Nigeria you can think about it to start.


  • People are now more conscious from where foods are produce and came. I am recommending you a website that will help the conscious one to know from where their food has come and prepared. The website is yelp. They can go and check it.
  • Pests like bat, rodent etc cause harm to crops which decrease the yield. You should find a way to stop them damaging the field.


  • There should be a centre that provides information to farmer like from where they can get the seeds or from where to buy. So there must be digital information centre


  • Use organic fertilizer that comes in proper packaging and free of any chemical instead of using pesticide that make underground water contaminated which are not good to drink for human being.


  • A lot of water is waste on a single field so it is wiser to purify the water in purification units for further usage.


  • The best idea for agribusiness is cultivating beautiful flowers that give good smell will earn you pretty money. Many restaurants, hotels and school are decorated by these flowers. This is one of the most Profitable business in Nigeria.

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