Start your own online business in Nigeria

Many people earn a lot of money from Internet marketing business if they get experience. Internet online business is very easy if you are interested. Online business is getting on its peak these days as it is the easiest business which pays a lot. Many people earn from online marketing so why not you?? Internet marketing is marketing and advertising that utilizes the internet and email to make Leeds from these sources as well as direct selling through ecommerce. The question here how to start your own online business in Nigeria?

First of all to set up ecommerce portal you will need ecommerce shopping cart software. In this way you can show your products for selling to the world. You can have both paid or free cart. All it depends on your need. The shopping cart software which I have told previously is shopify and it is one of the paid ecommerce shopping cart software.  I recommended you shopify because it is the best shopping cart software on the internet these days and you can start your own online business. Shopify is easy to use and very convenient and give full custom support. It has got a perfect rating from its costumers, so you can go with this software. Shopify can allow you sell goods online very easily. You can sell your goods and create your store, choose a design, suit your brand, add products, mange orders and much more. Shopify is based out of Canada, Ontario which is in business from 2006. Three person has created shopify when their own business needed an online shopping cart, so they found the solution to this a shopify software. Today shopify is the biggest platforms for merchants to sell their goods online and the number the growing day by day.

The best thing is having a complete dashboard control panel in this company.  Depends on you whether you want to add new products or manage new orders. You can use the dashboard for creating discount codes. You can sell your products offline as well then they offer shopify POS. The company also offer other paid apps that grow your business. These apps include marketing, Sale, social media and so on. It takes just minutes to set a shopify platform. You can perform a lot of things from a single dashboard. Some features I have told you earlier and the other is if you need a domain name you can take it through dashboard.

Shopify prove five pricing packages. Initially they offer $9 a month. Others are $29 and $179, it all depends on packages. The company also offers themes for professional use that are paid and none paid as well. The paid themes price range from $80 to $180. One other thing which is very important is adding inventory to your store then click on the product tab which is in the sidebar on the dashboard. After you are done with this you will be automatically transfer to the next step. Now add products to your store. It’s very easy and you can understand this from the same page because it is al shown clearly. This was all about starting your own online business

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