Who wants to be a millionaire gets new sponsor and ready to commence airing on 3rd September 2017

Nigerian favorite TV show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” is back after going offline due to sponsorship. The programme which has been supposed by MTN the largest telecommunication network now has new sponsor “Airopay”.

Airopay is a global international payment’s operator, offering a secure, fast and inexpensive way to send and receive money via bank accounts and mobile wallets.

However, follow the full signing and documentation of contract, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire will start live on 3rd September 2017.

What can I win on WWTBAM Online?

Opportunity to get on the show as a contestant where there is the possibility of playing for N10 Million on the Television show if you get to the hot seat.

How do I win?

By playing smart and playing fast; the player with the highest answer and the shortest time wins the top prize of being a contestant on the television show while the subsequent four (4) get to by-pass the verification stage.

What do you mean by Virtual Money Tree?

This means that the money tree online is not real. In other words, getting to question 15 does not win you N10,000,000 but enough points to win you a place as a contestant depending on how quick you were in answering the questions.

How is the Online game different from the television game?

The money tree Online is Virtual that is you do not get to collect real money for playing online while on the television version you are eligible to win N10 million.

How often can I be selected?

You can be selected as frequently as you play except you have been on the hot seat, which is once in a lifetime opportunity.

If I am one of the contestants selected at random when will I be called?

You will be called at least 5 days before the next recording.

How often can I be selected as a contestant on the show?

Each potential contestant is randomly selected by the computer. The more times you play the greater your chances of being selected

How am I contacted?

You will be called on the number you provided when you sent a text or dialed 132 (show contestant), 230 (home-quiz) and you will be asked certain qualifying questions. If answered satisfactorily you will be invited.

Can I play online and 132 as well?


Who writes the questions for the show?

A dedicated team of full-time question setters are employed to write the questions for the programme. Along with the host, it is up to them to give the show a distinctly Nigerian flavour. As well as the questions with a monetary value attached, the question setting team also has to write the initial qualifying questions and the “Fastest Finger First” questions. Each question must be worded carefully in order to avoid confusion for contestants, studio and home audience.

Can I enter if I have been convicted or have a criminal record?

You are not eligible to enter. The decision to exclude anyone with a criminal record was not taken lightly. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is a family show. The view taken was that there is a need to be sensitive to victims of crime by endeavouring to ensure that the television programme itself does not give the impression of condoning criminal activity. Taking into account the fact that members of the public pay a premium rate for their entry telephone calls, we felt it necessary for us to be particularly sensitive to the majority of the callers who take part in the competition. In addition, we may refuse to pay winnings or reclaim sums paid if it is discovered that the contestant was not eligible to play or has been dishonest.

How do I get help if I have an idea about the answer but not sure?

Here, you can use any of the three available lifelines – “Fifty-Fifty”, “Phone-a-friend” and “Ask the Audience”. (for details, see how to play).

How many ‘Ask the Audience’ keypads are there?

There is a keypad for every member of the audience, the studio seats over 100 people.

How many “Phone-A-Friend” friends am I allowed?

You may select up to four friends. We advise that you select ‘friends’ that can assist you in different areas of general knowledge.

Can I win home play cash prize multiple times?

You can only win N20, 000 and N200, 000 once in a Millionaire Season.

Do I have to be 18 to play?

Only those that are above 18 years of age are eligible to play on the show. However, the Children’s Special allows for people between 8 to 14 years to participate.

How do I prove my age?

You will be required to bring certain credentials such as birth certificate, form of identification, etc. if invited for the show.



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